Stainless steel gas springs have the same working principle of regular type of gas springs.

These are preferred if corrosion resistance is paramount and a high level protection against corrosive environments is mandatory. For this reason NEWTONE GAS SPRINGS has a wide range of gas springs such as LIFT and INOX which are made of high corrosion resistant stainless steel complying with the strictest anti-oxidation standards SAE304 AND SAE316L. In addition they have a long life term and are very hygienic.

Our line of gas springs is available in a wide variety of sizes and variants of forces. The stainless steel we use has highest quality. This type of steel is water resistant and can be incorporated in applications where the product is exposed to food, chemicals and even salt water. In addition, the vast majority is manufactured with a valve that allows you to change the force (except for the T model and the traction gas springs with oil for damping).

Some applications for stainless steel type of gas spring;

  • Food Equipment
  • Medical applications
  • Medical equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Industry of Ship Building,
  • Military devices,
  • Airplane systems.

NEWTONE GAS SPRINGS produces any size of stainless steel type of gas spring in short delivery terms at the best prices. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our stainless steel gas springs.



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