The “Lift” type is  most popular gas spring of our products in NEWTONE GAS SPRINGS. Standard compression gas springs are normally extended, self-contained force generating devices that consist of a rod attached to a piston with an orifice that moves within a sealed cylinder. The cylinder contains high pressure nitrogen that produces force in extension. Compression gas springs are the most common gas springs in the marketplace as they provide a compact, high force solution to a wide variety of lifting and counterbalancing applications. NEWTONE’s lifts meet the highest worldwide standards for lifting, counter-balancing, lowering, tilting and damping lids and covers.

There are so many different of applications where the lift type can be used. The most popular are on furniture, on the car hatchbacks, engine hoods, and bed bases (storage beds & opening beds & ottoman beds ), machinery, etc.

Our NEWTONE gas springs have innovative, comfortable and ergonomic mechanisms, which is our added value as a company. Moreover, they have a long operational life that does not require maintenance.




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